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Yes, no more too basic looks thanks to our  small original accessories  pop and girly.

Customization now becomes child's play, we clip, we glue, we patch and that's it!

pins loutre panda roux chat blanc cat my

Fan of unicorn, avocado or cat, we have the pin's for you, discover our collection of pins to clip everywhere to infinity!  

patchs thermocollant meli melo dino homa

Personalize your clothes with an iron with our collection of more than 300 iron-on patches, the hardest part will be choosing!

Poche thermocollante tshirt multi meli d

Say goodbye to too basic t-shirts and sweatshirts, in one stroke of the iron give style to your looks thanks to our collection of  iron-on pockets!

In a pocket, on the collar of a shirt, on a breastplate or on the bottom of the sleeve, discover our collection of iron-on embroideries

Under a sweater or a basic dress, put on these adorable breastplates and presto you are ready  without the drawbacks of a classic shirt!  

A shirt that's too basic? We have the solution to transform it into a unique piece,  discover our collection of clip-on jewelry  !

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