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MALICIEUSE_2410_patchs thermocollant DIY

- the pose -

How do I apply my patch?

✨ Place the garment on the ironing board, cover the Malicious patch and the garment with a protection: baking paper or thin cloth (the thinner the better, there must be the least space between the iron and clothing)


✨ Once the iron is hot at maximum power (without steam) exert strong pressure on the garment and patch for 20 to 30 seconds. Do not touch until completely cold and glue has set.


✨ Then repeat the same operation on the back of the garment to strengthen the outfit

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On what supports should I put my patch?

What materials should I put my patch on?

❤️ Ideal materials: Cotton & Jeans

🚫 Materials to avoid: Silk, cashmere, leather, plastics, certain types of polyester

✨ The first question to ask yourself before attaching the patch is: "Can this fabric withstand the heat of the iron? If the answer is yes, then there is a good chance that the garment is OK to be customized.


✨ Tips: check on the composition / care label of the garment if it indicates the symbol "crossed out iron" then it is better to avoid heat sealing the patch. But don't worry, on these materials you can sew by machine or by hand.


Why sew my patch? Whether it is to reinforce the hold, put it on a fragile material that does not support the iron, or to allow you to remove it later more easily by cutting the threads, the option of sewing is possible! Thus it will withstand washing even at higher temperatures.


Option 1: Machine sewing : Fix the patch with a few pins on the garment, choose a thread of the right color then follow the outline of the patch. A few stitches can be added in the center if necessary.


Option 2: Sewing by hand : With a thread and a needle follow the outline of the patch, do not hesitate to use a thimble.

Is it possible to sew my patch?

Malicieuse-patch-lune moon-dark-ecusson-

- the interview -

How do I wash my patch?

💧 Machine wash at low temperature: 30 degrees 

🚫 Do not tumble dry!

If by mistake your patch after several washes at high temperature or because it has not been fixed well enough, here are some tips for reusing it:


🧵 For the more manual ones, it's perfectly fine to sew your patch on your garment by machine or by hand.


⚡️ I also offer the sale of iron-on pieces that allow you to fix an item that has come off: right here

Fixing a patch that comes off?


Is it possible to take off my patch myself?

Yes it is possible, but it can damage the garment. You have to take some precautions!


✨ Tip 1: Iron

On the back of the garment, with the iron set to maximum power, heat the back of the patch protecting it with a thin cloth, then gradually peel off the edges (be careful not to burn yourself!) Small pieces of glue can however remain attached to the garment, in this case, place your cloth on this area then press for a few seconds with the iron, the glue should remain attached to the cloth.


✨ Tips 2: Washing Machine / Washing Machine

Multiple machine washes at high temperatures, coupled with the washing machine can help with detachment. Do not hesitate to repeat the operation several times. Don't waste water on just one piece of clothing, take the opportunity to do your laundry :)

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